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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon London 2017.

DevRelCon: a one day conference about developer relations, developer experience and developer marketing. December 6th 2017, London.

For the seventh event in the DevRelCon series we're expanding our horizons to cover not only developer relations but also developer experience and developer marketing.

Join us for this practitoner-to-practitioner event, where you'll meet leading figures in the dev rel world, learn what your peers are doing and share your own experiences.

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Good Morning!

Registration and breakfast: Garden Room, Level 3, Barbican

GitHub Auditorium
Photograph of Matthew Revell

Welcome to DevRelCon London 2017!

Matthew Revell, Hoopy

Leslie Hawthorn

What is community, anyway?

Leslie Hawthorn, Red Hat

Erin McKean

Making the implicit explicit: modeling developer norms and tools

Erin McKean, IBM

Ade Oshineye

Dev rel leadership: all the pieces matter

Ade Oshineye, Google

10.30 - Break

GitHub Auditorium Nexmo Room
Developer marketing Developer experience
Taiji Hagino

From rock musician to developer evangelist

Taiji Hagino, IBM

Atsushi Nakatsugawa

The DX of error messages

Atsushi Nakatsugawa, Moongift

Martin Gontovikas

The power of trends

Martin Gontovikas, Auth0

Jenny Wanger

The UX of developer experience

Jenny Wanger, SpotHero

Liz Couto

Growing your dev community through content marketing

Liz Couto, Shopify

Cristiano Betta

Live API teardown

Cristiano Betta, Work Betta

Melinda Seckington

The art of slide design

Melinda Seckington, FutureLearn

Elmer Thomas

Supporting SDKS in seven languages

Elmer Thomas, SendGrid

12.35 - Lunch

GitHub Auditorium

Welcome back!

Matthew Revell, Hoopy

GitHub Auditorium Nexmo Room
Developer relations strategy Developer documentation
Matt Bernier

The intersection of developer relations and product management

Matt Bernier, SendGrid

Adam Butler

DocOps: engineering great documentation

Adam Butler, Nexmo

Joe Nash

Scaling without losing your soul

Joe Nash, GitHub

Sarah Hersh

Documentation that powers API strategy

Sarah Hersh, NPR

14.50 - Break

Tristan Sokol

How to win at StackOverflow

Tristan Sokol, Square

Kristof van Tomme

Behind the firewall: dev rel and dev ex for internal APIs

Kristof van Tomme, Pronovix

Jessica West

Proactive strategies for developer relations

Jessica West, Algolia

Mark Boyd

Storytelling with data

Mark Boyd, Platformable

GitHub Auditorium
Anil Dash

A developer relations bill of rights

Anil Dash, Fog Creek



Runway East Shoreditch


After party.

Join us at Runway East in Shoreditch.



Developer relations and developer experience training

Join us on December 7th in London for a day's training covering developer relations strategy and developer experience best practices. Choose two of four modules to complete throughout the day.

Leslie Hawthorn

Leslie Hawthorn

Red Hat

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell


Cristiano Betta

Cristiano Betta

Work Betta

Morning track 1 Morning track 2

Developer relations and community strategy, with Leslie Hawthorn and Matthew Revell

Effective developer relations strategies don't come out of nowhere. In this session, you'll learn how to get the best return on investment by building a well thought out strategy. Starting with segmenting your developer audience through to choosing the right goals and tactics.

Event strategy for developer relations, with Cristiano Betta

Conferences, meet-ups, office hours and other events are a highly visible form of outreach. But they can be a time and budget sink. Here we’ll look at how to do them well.

Lunch provided

After lunch track 1 After lunch track 2

Developer content marketing, with Matthew Revell

Content marketing can be a cost-effective and exciting way to build awareness and understanding amongst developers. In this session we'll look at how to build the right strategy and which tactics will deliver for your goals.

Developing a developer experience strategy, with Cristiano Betta

Developer experience is important, but how do we even start to create the right experience for every developer. Here we’ll look at the developer journey and how we can cater our product and its documentation around the needs of any developer.


Barbican Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS.

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