Anil Dash

CEO | Fog Creek Software

Anil Dash

Anil Dash is CEO of Fog Creek Software, the creators of Glitch for Platforms, a set of tools that help you measure and improve developer adoption of your API.

He has worked in dev evangelism roles off and on for 15 years. He's an entrepreneur and activist known as one of the most prominent advocates for a more inclusive and ethical technology industry.


The developer relations bill of rights

If you do developer relations or evangelism, you’re probably great at your job. You’re talking to coders, getting out in the community, building relationships. But does the rest of your organization value that work as much as they should?

All of us who care about developer relations need to get a lot louder about the business value of what we do, and the things we need to be successful. A starting point, which Anil covers in this talk, are 10 community-sourced principles that the team at Fog Creek have termed the 'Dev Rel Bill of Rights'. These outline the things every person who does the work of Developer Relations needs to be supported effectively and how to get that buy-in. With these we can get the investment, resources, support and strategic focus needed to take our industry forward.


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