Jenny Wanger

Product Manager | SpotHero

Jenny Wanger

Jenny Wanger is a Product Manager at SpotHero and, previously, she was head of the DevEx Rockstars at Arity, a startup founded by Allstate in downtown Chicago.

Formally trained in design thinking, she only feels properly dressed when there’s a pack of post-it notes in her pocket. She is also the owner of Avenir Design, a customer experience consulting firm and has worked with everything from startups raising their first round of funding to GE and Steelcase. Find her documenting user behavior on the streets of Chicago or as a guest blogger on Mind the Product.


The UX of DX: User Testing in the Invisible World of APIs and SDKs

We do usability testing all the time when we’re building apps and sites with interfaces, but a good DevX team helps product managers and designers do the exact same type of testing with their APIs and SDKs. We’ll cover testing strategies and best practices when your user is a developer.


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