Martin Gontovikas

VP of Marketing and Analytics | Auth0

Martin Gontovikas

Martin Gontovnikas has been a tech nerd since he was 12 years old. He’s a software engineer that now works in marketing.

Wait, what? Yes, he found a way to combine his two passions and apply his engineering thinking model to marketing. He’s a big advocate and contributor for open source software. He has built Restangular, angularytics, factory_pal, angular-jwt and many more! He (not so) frequently blogs and has spoken at JSConf, ngConf and dotJS among others.


The power of trends

In 2014, Auth0’s first marketer Martin Gontovnikas was tasked with growing the company’s reach and engagement. After a period of trial and error with story ideas, SEO optimization, landing page redesigns, newsletters and push notifications, he identified key influencers and built a strategy designed to scale.

Today, with more than 96% of Auth0’s inbound leads driven by content, the team has captured a strong audience of loyal React, Angular and NodeJS customers using influencer strategy as the catalyst. In this talk, you’ll learn what that influencer strategy looks like.


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